Busting Myths: Holiday Weight Gain vs. Healthy Celebrations

Stronger Faster Family,

As we venture into the holiday season, you have probably heard about the dreaded holiday weight gain. Many assert the “Average American” gains 5 pounds over the holidays. Despite “5 pounds” being reported in the news or on social media, research shows that holiday weight gain can be relatively modest, only 0.8 pounds on average, but varies greatly from person to person.

Despite holiday weight gain being comparatively moderate, unfortunately, research shows the pounds typically linger well into the following year and can add up year on year. Think of it like compounding interest, but not the kind you want in your bank account, the kind you don’t want around your hips and waistline.

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Here’s the good news: You have the power to navigate this season just like any other time of year. You can enjoy the festivities while keeping your health and fitness goals on track. The key is moderation, returning to your normal food habits for all the other days of the holidays, and maintaining your gym routine. Just like one workout cannot make you fit, one meal or day cannot derail your fitness goals.

We preach consistency in the gym and being consistent with your nutrition. Missing a day at the gym or enjoying a holiday meal won’t ruin your gains, but don’t turn a holiday meal into a season of holiday overindulgence or a season of skipping workouts.

Feel lost in the gym? Don’t know what to do? Not making progress? Reach out to learn more about Stronger Faster.

Relish those delightful dishes you don’t usually indulge in; remember, you don’t need to treat yourself every day this season or snack on holiday treats every time someone brings them into the office or when they are brought into your home. Choose a few special days, events, or meals to savor these delicacies, and stick to your regular routine on ALL the other days. Enjoy in moderation. Love eggnog? Have a glass, not 4. Personally, I love pumpkin pie, I will have a slice at Thanksgiving and Christmas only, but skip it if it shows up at other times.

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Stronger Faster and resistance training is your best ally during this time – use those extra calories to fuel your workouts, build muscle, and strengthen your resolve. If you are traveling, let us know, and we can share travel-friendly workouts. If you want additional nutritional help, email us to get on our nutritional habits program to build the foundation for a healthy diet.

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We will have some tips on Thanksgiving coming out next week; just remember it is a time to be with friends and family, a time to experience foods you don’t normally get to enjoy and don’t sweat one day of overindulgence.

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Invite Your Friends and Family

As we have said before, accountability partners are gold. So, why not invite your friends and family to join you? Working out together strengthens your bond and keeps you both motivated and consistent. It’s a win-win situation.

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Feel lost in the gym? Don’t know what to do? Not making progress? Reach out to learn more about Stronger Faster.

Stay committed, stay strong, and let’s conquer this holiday season together!

Colin & Lisa

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