Building a Stronger Faster Community: Embrace Challenges, Yoga, and Nutrition in 2024

My Challenge to Members:

As we flip the calendar to February, I invite you to take on a new challenge this month or continue one from January. Sign up for a race, like Hyrox or a 5k. Or sign up to learn a new language or take a cooking class. If you are doing the nutritional challenge, use the skills you learned to continue past the end date. If you did dry January, try to make it dry February or longer or “drier” than normal. If you are doing the 75 Hard, see if you can continue it for over 75 days or take a few tenants and continue them indefinitely. If joining a gym was a new challenge, focus on consistency this month to help build the habit.

Please don’t lose the New Year’s momentum; see our post on tips and tricks on keeping your New Year’s resolutions going.

Please email us at with a challenge you are taking on or a goal you are working toward; we are here to support you.

Feel lost in the gym? Don’t know what to do? Not making progress? Reach out to learn more about Stronger Faster or to Schedule a Call.


The Culture within the walls of Stronger Faster is a collective effort.

Starting with Lisa and me, as stewards of Stronger Faster and our supportive coaching team, our primary job is to shape our gym’s Culture.

Our values guide us towards creating an inclusive, enjoyable, supportive, and transformative culture. But we can’t do it alone. In 2024, we’re asking every member at Stronger Faster to help embrace humility, personal drive, and mutual improvement. Together, we can achieve our aspirations by supporting and motivating each other. Continue to greet newcomers, support each other’s goals, and ensure we all leave better than when we arrived.

We want to welcome our new members to the Stronger Faster Family and help everyone be part of the community and achieve their goals of improved health and fitness.

To help everyone get to know one another better, watch for our announcement of our first Happy Hour of 2024.

Feel lost in the gym? Don’t know what to do? Not making progress? Reach out to learn more about Stronger Faster or to Schedule a Call.

Stretch Yoga:

Last week, we had an excellent turnout for Strech Yoga. Multiple members commented on how much they needed the stretching and how good it was for them and their mobility. We plan to continue to have Megan lead stretch sessions at the gym periodically. We hope to see you at the next one!

Nutrition Tips:

Looking to make positive changes towards a fitter, healthier you in the next 90 days? Consider these six practical nutritional steps:

  • 1. Embrace the 90/10 Rule: As I mentioned for the holidays, don’t eliminate your favorite foods entirely; instead, opt for balance. Aim to consume nourishing, healthy foods 90% of the time, reserving 10% for indulgence (King’s Cake, anyone?). This approach cultivates both freedom and enjoyment in your eating habits. This can be in meals or over the month. Limiting overindulgence to just 3-4 days roughly flits. Remember, although there are not many Holidays, there are many celebrations throughout the year.
  • 2. Reduce Refined Carbs and Sugars: While fruit offers beneficial nutrients and does not need to be avoided, refined carbs and added sugars can be detrimental. Whenever a sugar craving strikes, opt for natural sweetness from berries or frozen fruit instead of refined sugars. The richness of berries and fruit surpasses the drawbacks of refined sugar.
  • 3. Prioritize Daily Walking: Incorporating a 30 to 60-minute daily walk can be an underrated yet impactful exercise for weight loss. This low-impact activity benefits your joints and is accessible to nearly everyone. Aim for 7,000 to 10,000 steps daily and start stepping towards your goals. A post-dinner or post-lunch walk is great for digestion and blood sugar and an excellent time to spend with your friends and family while avoiding screen time.
  • 4. Focus on Protein Intake: Build your meals around protein-rich options such as eggs (especially egg whites), steak, turkey, chicken, wild salmon, ground beef, yogurt, or cottage cheese. Prioritizing these foods can form the foundation of a balanced, nutritious diet. Protein helps provide the building blocks your body needs from workouts at Stronger Faster.
  • 5. Ensure Sufficient Sleep: Sleeping 7 to 8 hours is crucial for several reasons. Inadequate sleep often leads to increased food consumption, higher insulin resistance (causing increased fat storage), reduced energy for exercise, and diminished muscle-building potential. Don’t underestimate the importance of quality sleep. However, too much can be detrimental as well.
  • 6. Incorporate Weight Training: Engage in weightlifting sessions 3 to 5 times per week, like we offer at Stronger Faster. Building muscle through resistance training boosts metabolism and offers the advantage of consuming more while achieving a fitter, more vibrant appearance. Remember, building muscle is key to burning fat effectively. 💪🔥

Feel lost in the gym? Don’t know what to do? Not making progress? Reach out to learn more about Stronger Faster or to Schedule a Call.

Let’s do this in 2024!

Colin & Lisa

P.S.. We have about 20 members who are doing the nutritional challenge. Let’s rally and support our fellow gym members as they work on their dietary habits and goals. Good luck with the final three weeks; we can’t wait to see your results.

P.P.S. Reminder of our new Rates as of Feb 1: We offer three main plans:*

*Prices per month plus processing fees. Memberships are monthly with a 30-day notice to cancel auto-renew per our cancellation policy.

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