August 2023 Newsletter

All good things must come to an end. School is back in session, interns are leaving, vacation trips are over, and the summer heat will eventually end. At Stronger Faster Houston, we thrive on the energy of our community and the shared journey toward achieving our fitness goals. There’s a unique power in working in the heat and challenging yourself in a supportive atmosphere. Even if you might feel a bit weaker during a session, remember that every drop of sweat you shed makes you physically and mentally stronger. As the weather improves, you’ll find that workouts become more invigorating, allowing you to push yourself harder and go faster. Let’s continue embracing the power of community, accountability, and the joy of strengthening together.

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**Welcome Our New Coaches!**

We’re thrilled to introduce our new coaches, Dale Spencer, and Katy Repa, to the Stronger Faster Houston family. Dale, a certified personal trainer who also works in the medical field, brings a wealth of experience in both fitness and health. Katy, a standout University of Houston Softball player, shines in the weight room and is excited to share her expertise with our community—their unique backgrounds and passion for helping others align perfectly with our values.

Coach Dale
Coach Katy

**Powerlifting Cycle and Goal Setting**

We’re diving into an exciting new powerlifting cycle, focusing on key weekly lifts. Mondays are for squats, Tuesdays are for bench press, Wednesdays bring conditioning, Thursdays are dedicated to overhead press, and Fridays feature deadlifts. Saturdays are for open gym, make-up workouts, or additional conditioning. This cycle will follow a progressive overload approach, using percentages based on your max lift (known or estimated). Set your goals and get ready for some serious gains!

**Nutrition and Sleep: Your Allies in Progress**

As you gear up for a break in the heat, remember that your journey extends beyond the gym. Nutrition plays a vital role in achieving your goals. Focus on quality foods and aim for a protein intake of 1g per pound of lean body weight (or ~100-150g for women and ~150-200g for men). Tracking your food on free apps like MyFitnessPal can help you monitor your nutrition and help you get a feel for how much you eat daily. You can focus on hitting your overall calorie and protein goals; then, you can consume carbs/fat as you prefer. And don’t hesitate to reach out if you need guidance or support—our coaches and community are here for you. And don’t forget that quality sleep is the foundation of your overall well-being. Prioritize good sleep hygiene by sticking to a regular sleep schedule, creating a comfortable sleep environment, and avoiding screens before bedtime. When well-rested and adequately fueled, you’ll perform better in and out of the gym.

**Community Highlights**

Stephen L. is now a dad. #DadsLife #DoYouEvenRememberSleep?

Alison E. got engaged – Congrats!!!

Coach Ben B. got married and moved back home to Illinois with his now wife.

**Let’s Crush Those Goals Together**

Now is the perfect time to set your goals—lifting milestones, body composition targets, or competitions. Share your goals with your coach and the Stronger Faster community, and we’ll provide the accountability and support you need to make them a reality. Consistency and hard work will be your allies on this journey. Here’s to growth, progress, and achieving new heights together!

Stay strong and motivated and crush it at Stronger Faster Houston!


  • Hydrate – We have filtered water at the gym, bring a reusable bottle, and drinks are for sale in the refrigerators.
  • Parking – We can park in the HandleBar parking lot for free during class. If the attendant gives you a hard time, have them call their supervisor.
  • Sign into Wodify and track your lifts.
  • Ask coaches questions, scaling, modifications, weight suggestions, form, spotting, anything.
  • If you are not on the GroupMe chats, email me to get added.
  • Please leave us a review on Google, Yelp or NextDoor.

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