Maximize Your Fitness Journey: Goal Reviews & Free Yoga Stretch Session

Keep an Eye Out for Your Goal Review Invitation!

Get ready to take your fitness journey to the next level! If you haven’t already, Lisa will contact each of you soon about scheduling a goal review session. This is your chance to dive deep into your fitness aspirations, discuss your background, set achievable goals, and develop a game plan to help you succeed. Keep an eye on your inbox or phone for Lisa’s message! We are here to support you in your journey.

Join Us for a Yoga Stretch Session!

Remember to mark your calendars for this Wednesday, 4/10, at 6:30 PM for our yoga stretch session led by Megan. This session is designed to enhance your mobility and promote overall well-being. It’s free for members and just $10 for non-members. Trust us; you won’t want to miss out on this opportunity to unwind, stretch, and rejuvenate!
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Non-Members Yoga Registration Link
Challenge of the Week

Let’s step up our game this week with a simple yet powerful challenge: take an extra 30-minute walk daily. Whether it’s a brisk stroll in the morning to kickstart your day, a leisurely walk after a meal to aid digestion, or a mid-afternoon breather to recharge your energy, let’s make it happen! Lisa and I love taking a post-dinner walk to unwind and have quality time away from the chaos. So lace up those shoes, hit the pavement, and crush this challenge together! Your body and mind will thank you.

The Power of Protein

Remember, protein is your best friend in muscle growth and maintenance. Ensure you’re fueling your body with enough protein to maximize the benefits of your training. When you’re hitting the weights, protein provides the essential building blocks your muscles need to thrive. So load up on those lean proteins and get ready to crush your fitness goals!

Feel lost in the gym? Don’t know what to do? Not making progress? Reach out to learn more about Stronger Faster.

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting events coming your way!

Don’t Forget April’s Hustle Brings May Muscle.

Colin, Lisa, and the Stronger Faster Team


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