Care Bach



Yoga Instructor
Black Swan Yoga Instructor
Vintage CrossFit Yoga Instructor


  • 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT)


San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon 2015

Chevron Houston Half Marathon 2015


Care first started yoga in 2010, then discovered CrossFit when she moved to Houston in 2014. She enjoys the combination of both activities in order to balance out her training. In 2016, she became a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) through Black Swan Yoga. Her classes are fun, soothing and challenging. She likes to mix in powerful yoga movements, as well as restorative poses to slow the body and mind.
In addition to her yoga practice, Care has completed a half and full marathon and enjoys local Crossfit competitions. Outside of the gym, Care is a Marketing Manager for a Financial Services company.
Three questions with Care:

Favorite meal?

Mexican Food! Specifically fajitas.

Three things an athlete can do to immediately improve their performance or their life?

Sleep! Sleep quality is such an undervalued aspect of performance. Also, breath. Breath is a key element in of all types of movements both active and passive. It is through the breath that we can go further and tap into that connection within our body. Also, nutrition is such a big part of performance and also better quality of life.

Favorite movement?

I love pistols! They aren’t easy, but they’re a great practice of strength, flexibility and balance.