June SF HTX Newsletter


Stronger Faster Houston Crew,

June is here, and we have some exciting updates and events lined up for you. So grab a cup of your favorite post-workout shake and dive in!

Welcome New Coach: Ben J Bachman:
Again, not to be confused with long-time member Ben C Bachman. We are thrilled to introduce our newest addition to the coaching team, Coach Ben J Bachman! Ben brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, and his passion for fitness is contagious. Look forward to his expertise, support, and guidance as he joins our coaching family. He coached his first class at Stronger Faster last week, and if you have not yet met him, make sure to say hello. He will be covering most noon classes and a few 4:00/5:15 classes.

Coach Ben Bachman

Schedule Update: 5:00 pm Class Moving to 5:15 pm
Please note that starting this month, our 5:00 pm class will now begin at 5:15 pm, leaving 15 min between each afternoon class. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we adjust to accommodate everyone’s schedules better. Set your reminders accordingly, and we’ll see you at the gym!

Happy Hour: June 23rd at East River 9
Mark your calendars for our upcoming happy hour on June 23rd! We will have a table and reserved pickleball courts at East River 9, and it will be an absolute blast. Get ready for some friendly competition, laughs, and good times with your fellow gym members. Follow the GroupMe chat for updates. If you’re interested in a round of golf, reservations open a week in advance.

New Drink Fridge:
We understand the importance of post-workout hydration and convenience. We’ve added a new drink fridge to make things easier for you. We are going to use the honor system. Write your name and the item you take on the provided sheet, and we’ll bill weekly using the payment method on file. If you don’t have a payment method on file with wodify, please leave your cell number, and we will contact you for payment. Enjoy your favorite beverages hassle-free! If you want to make any suggestions on new drinks or flavors to stock, message us or write on the back of the sheet.

Murph 2023

Congratulations to all the Stronger Faster Houston members who took on the Murph challenge at the gym or on their own! Your dedication, perseverance, and hard work are truly inspiring. You conquered this iconic workout with strength and resilience, and we couldn’t be prouder of your achievements. Keep up the amazing work, and continue pushing your boundaries!

Members doing Murph 2023
Left to Right: Vu, Thanos, Ben, Peter, Matt

New Challenge this Month: Bar Hang for time

Max time bar hang. See Wodify for rules. Record your times in Wodify and on the Whiteboard.

Modeled by Ben C Bachman

June Birthdays and Anniversaries:
Let’s kick things off by sending a big shoutout to our incredible members celebrating birthdays and anniversaries this month. June is a special time to reflect on your progress and celebrate your fitness milestones. Keep pushing those limits and reaching new heights!

June Anniversaries: Peter Tran 3, Rachel Lewis 2, Benjamin C. Bachman 2, Garrison Kinsel 1, Tara D Gray 1, Corey Dossey 1, Sarah Harper 1.

June Birthdays: Mark Chammas, Meredith Zdenek, Lindsey Garcia, David Burke, Chris Ring, Leticia Neves, Alonzo Wilcox, Edgar Gonzalez.

Top Attendance May:
We want to recognize and applaud our dedicated members who consistently show up and give their all. Your commitment and hard work inspire us all to push a little harder every day. Keep chasing those goals and setting new personal records! Consistency is the key to hitting your fitness goals, day in and day out. Excellent job, everyone.

Client NameTimes
Chris Graczyk25
Julie Griffin24
Stephen Loar24
Corey Dossey23
David Burke21
Alexander Seifert20
Matt Parrish19
Vu Do19
Sarah Harper17
Alison Eggert17

Eight Brewery Visit
Last week, we had a great post-session impromptu social when Eight Brewery, beer from HOFer Troy Aikman, where we enjoyed fantastic brews and even better company. Thanks to all who joined us, and see you at this month’s happy hour at East River 9 (6/23).

Eight Beer Visits Stronger Faster

Wodify Social Sharing and Giveaway:
Did you know that Wodify has an exciting feature that allows you to share your workout results on Social Media? Wodify added a new share link in the app after you update your results. Share and use #WodifyFit for a chance to win a giveaway from Wodify (details)

Health Tips:

  • Prioritize Sleep: 7-8 hours
  • 1g of protein per lb lean body weight per day
  • Watch total calories (use online calculators to estimate)
    • Adjust up/down to gain/lose/maintain weight
  • Lift heavy 3-4x per week – follow progressive overload (aka SF programming)
  • Walk, walk, and walk
  • Do cardio for cardiovascular health, not to lose weight
    • Do NOT eat back calories burned
  • Replace snacks with high-protein snacks.
  • Eat less if you are looking to lose weight.

We hope you’re as pumped as we are for the month ahead. Stay motivated, keep pushing your limits, and remember that we’re here to support you every step of the way. Let’s make June a month of growth, strength, and celebration!

Murph 2023 – Back – Kiel, David, Rachel, Ben, Colin, Alison, Thanos, Dan, Antti, Matt, Jonathan,
Front – Ben, Peter

Keep up the hard work!

Colin & Lisa
Stronger Faster Houston

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