HYROX PFT & Week 3 Cycle Update

Welcome, Stronger Faster Family,

If it has been a while since you have been to Stronger Faster Gym or been a member, I hope you take the chance to check us out again. It is always the right time to make your health a priority. We are entering the 4th week of the year, hosted a Hyrox PFT, and your new year’s resolutions should be in full gear. Book a Call or Intro if you have goals you want to discuss.

We are entering week 3 of our first programming cycle of 2023.

Cycle Summary

Duration: 6 weeks (Monday: 1/9/23 Start)


  • Building a stronger, sound back squat and bench press.
  • Hitting Squats and Bench twice a week to increase the volume. Splitting the workouts allows time to recover and grow while maintaining intensity.
  • The days are split into a heavier day and a speed day. This allows for strength gains with speed/power to help hit bigger lifts.
  • Accessory work focuses on building core strength through the hips and torso to help with this cycle’s increased squat volume.
  • Conditioning varies with short, medium, and long duration to keep a well-rounded endurance base, with a lean towards more interval work to help everyone improve their intensity because intensity relative to the time domain helps enhance cardio fitness.
  • Getting movement activity in each day, even on rest days, is recommended. Long walks will work wonders for your health and weight goals, and we suggest longer steady-state cardio outside class hours to help build cardiovascular fitness.


In case you missed it, we had a great weekend event with Stronger Faster Gym hosting a Houston HYROX PFT. Our own Kiel Hiedman put up the fastest time of the day, the second-fastest time in Houston, and the 13th-fastest in the US. #BeastMode If you haven’t yet, consider signing up for the HYROX event in Houston on 2/25/23. If that weekend doesn’t work, check out Dallas on 3/18/23. Remember, the race has solo, partner, and relay options. Registration Link

HYROX PFT Crew – Crushed it!!!!

Join the gym or drop-in if you want access to Stronger Faster Gym for HYROX-specific training on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Adding longer runs outside of class is recommended if the 8x1000m is a concern.


  • Use Wodify to reserve classes, sign in, and record your workouts. Trust me, having that data is crucial when you try to figure out what 80% of a lift is or what weight you used the week prior.
  • Contact if you have any suggestions or concerns about the gym.
  • Please tag us @StrongerFaster on social media and reshare posts to your story to help spread the word.
  • Lastly, if you enjoy Stronger Faster Gym, tell your friends.
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