February Push-Up Challenge

Tim spearheaded a push-up challenge for everyone in the gym to participate in before the end of the month. Check with Kirk and Tim for the exact rules. Here are the cliff notes version. Regular pushups, feet on the ground, your chest must touch the ground, complete lockout, rest only at the top with both hands on the ground, max reps with a coach judging/counting, 2-minute time limit. Keep score on the whiteboard in the back. The next Challenge will be ….


We just finished our first cycle of the new year with multiple PRs on the Squat and Bench. Well done, everyone; your hard work and consistency are paying off. The next cycle kicks off this week. The Focus for the cycle will be building strength and technical proficiency in the clean and snatch. We will continue to build on the strength gains on the bench press from the last cycle. We will add to a solid foundation of strength with volume with squats and deadlifts. On the conditioning front, we will focus on the different time domains to work each energy system, short, medium, and long. We will also retest prior cycle conditioning workouts. Book a call to join us.

The CrossFit Open started this past weekend, and versions of the workouts are on Mondays to mix things up.

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Happy Hour (Freezing) Success

Thanks to everyone who braved the cold and navigated around the stalled train to make the HH on the 10th a success, and thanks again to Tariq for organizing it.

Stronger Faster Gym Happy Hour @ Bayou Heights Bier Garten


  • The HYROX Race is Saturday, 2/25, at the George R Brown Convention Center
  • The Rodeo Run is Saturday, 2/25, in Downtown Houston.
  • Rice Military Civic Club has a HH this week:

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  • Use Wodify to reserve classes, sign in, and record lifts. I can barely remember what I ate yesterday, much less the weight I used the week before.
  • Contact or with any suggestions or concerns about the gym.
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