1 Week until Tax Day

One week until Tax Day. Make sure to report those #gainz

I hope you’re feeling great and ready for this lifting cycle because we’re about to take things up a notch! I want to start by saying that I am so proud of everyone for their hard work in the last cycle. We saw personal records being set and some impressive numbers on the sit-up challenge. There was even a new all-time gym record of a 440 lb bench press by Chris Cromartie, and it was a truly inspiring sight to behold. Check our IG feed for a video of the lift (link).

But let’s not get too comfortable now because we have started a new chapter. And this time, we will focus on the essential lifts in the game: squat, bench press, shoulder press, and deadlifts while continuing to increase mobility and conditioning. We’re going to be hitting these lifts hard every week, and I have a feeling that we’re going to see even more impressive gains. My personal goal is to lift as much in the deadlift as Chris can bench press.

Monday’s workout is all about squats, so we will get those legs fired up and ready to go. Tuesday is bench press day, and I’m excited to see everyone pushing themselves to new heights on that lift. Wednesday’s mobility work is crucial for keeping our bodies limber and preventing injury, so don’t skimp on that one. Thursday’s shoulder press will be a real challenge, but I know you can handle it. And Friday’s deadlifts? Well, let’s just say I hope you’re ready to lift some heavy weight as you cruise into the weekend.

But the fun doesn’t stop there because Saturday is open gym day! This is your chance to work on whatever you want or make up a missed workout, and the coaches at Stronger Faster are always here to offer advice and encouragement. And, of course, we’ll finish things off with some delicious tacos and coffee at Henderson & Kane. Because, let’s be real, they are pretty darn good, even with a fork 😉.

Tacos and Coffee @ Henderson & Kane

Remember, as I try to point out constantly, consistency is key when it comes to hitting your fitness goals. It’s not always easy to show up and put in the work, but I promise you, it’s worth it. Resistance training is one of the most effective ways to build strength and transform your body, and I have no doubt that you’re all going to see some amazing results in the weeks to come.

So, let’s do this, Stronger Faster Family! Let’s show that weight whose boss and crush our goals together. See you in the gym! And invite friends and family to Drop-in or book a call to learn more.

April 2023 Gym Happy Hour:

Join us at Eight Row Flint (Heights) on Friday, 4/28/23, for a gym Happy Hour! 630 pm Start time. Friends and Family are welcome.

March 2023 Happy Hour


Total Nutrition will be coming to our gym on Saturday, April 22nd. They will be providing expert advice on how to fuel your body for optimal performance, as well as showcasing their high-quality supplements and products. Come to open gym to learn more or book a call if you want to learn about our gym.

T-Shirt Orders and Stickers

We’ve sent them off to the T-shirt company, but we don’t have a solid ETA yet on when they’ll be ready. We’re staying on top of it, and we’ll let you know as soon as we get any updates.

We have some awesome gym stickers available for free at the gym. Show off your love for the gym and slap one on your water bottle, laptop, or anywhere else you can think of. Feel free to take a couple, and spread the word about your gym community.

Monthly Challenge:

Well done to everyone that participated in the 2-minute Sit-up challenge. We saw some solid numbers and, more importantly, improvements from folks that attempted the challenge more than once. This month we are doing a pull-up challenge, which is highly variable among individuals as some people can knock out double digits while others may still be working on their first. View this challenge as a personal 1 on 1 challenge with yourself and make an attempt early and another attempt near the end of the challenge with the goal of improving your personal score. See the workout on 4/6/23 on Wodify for official rules and standards. The Challenge is open from 4/6-4/20.

Races, Competitions, and Life Milestones:

Let us know about your upcoming races or competitions, or milestones (lots of babies recently). Flag on GroupMe, Email, or share to @StrongerFaster on IG. We want to support and celebrate our members inside and outside the gym. Many members have lost weight, become new parents, or tackled new physical challenges.


1. Don’t forget to use Wodify to reserve classes, sign in, and track your progress at the gym. It’s a great tool for staying on top of your workouts, tracking your PRs/progress, and keeping track of your attendance.

2. Our coaches, Kirk, Jonathan, Lacey, and Meredith, are here to help you with any questions you may have about signing in or recording your lifts in Wodify. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them!

3. Please help us keep the gym clean and organized by returning your weights to where you found them at the end of class and throwing away your cups and trash. To help conserve, please bring a reusable water bottle. Thank you for your cooperation!

4. Stay connected with the Stronger Faster community by downloading GroupMe, a messaging app available for iOS or Android. If you’re having trouble joining our group chats, feel free to ask for assistance.

5. We value your feedback and suggestions! Please reach out to the management at or with any concerns or ideas for how we can improve our gym.

6. Spread the word and share your gym experience on social media! Tag us @StrongerFaster and don’t forget to reshare our posts to help us grow. You can also reach out to Jonathan Kichamu, our Social Media King, for more tips on how to boost your online presence.

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